We Buy 8-Track Tapes!

Yes, Yes Yes!

We buy 8-track tapes particularly large collections. However, we are mostly interested in rock n roll bands, metal, new wave, and alternative 1980s bands. We do not have enough luck selling country western tapes, big bands, easy listening, and composition tapes, although we do acquire these tapes when they are a smaller part of larger collections.

The best way to communicate your collection is by taking a photo (or photos) of your tapes stacked like the picture above. This will help us read the titles and somewhat assess the physical condition of your tapes. Contact us using the option in the right sidebar, and you’ll be able to send the photo(s) after we reply to your message.

Consignment Sales:

If you feel that you have a particularly valuable collection, but don’t want to do the work of servicing the tapes and selling them yourself, selling them on a consignment basis with us is a possibility. In this scenario, we would refurbish your tapes and list them in our catalog (or via Ebay auctions) and split the proceeds in some agreed fashion.