Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to get connected with other 8-track tape enthusiasts, buy and sell tapes, and get expert advice on repairing tapes and players.

These are all the Facebook groups we know about that specialize in the world of 8-Track tape and players, presented alphabetically without ranking in popularity or favoritism. Many of these are “private” groups which just means that you have to ask to join. If we missed any, let us know!

4-track Tape Cartridge Discussion and ephemera concerning the 4-track tape cartridge recording format.

8 Track Collectors Hub

8-Track Collectors Unite: Buy/Sell/Trade/Discuss A place to buy, sell, trade and have general discussions about 8-track tapes. 

8 Tracks In The Wild “This group is dedicated to 8 track tapes/players found in the wild. In this group you can buy/sell/trade or show off and ask questions.”

8 Track Internals: Foam-ophiles, Foil Freaks, Roller Rats Etc  “Ever open up an 8 track that looks unused or NOS and enjoy seeing the foam pad holding its original shape, but in a fragile decayed state where it will either crumble into dust or turn into sticky tar as soon as you compress it? 

8-Track Label Mania! “8-Track collector’s group sharing labels and artwork design, as well as the history of labels.”

8-Track Tapes and Players “Post your pictures of 8-track tapes, 8-Track players both home and auto and any other 8-Track tape related stuff!”

8-track tape club “Collectors and fans of the 8-track tape (cartridge) and/or 8-track capable playback machines.”

8-Track Tape Fixation “This group is for the serious collector of hard to find 8 tracks & players, but not so serious that we don’t have fun.”

8 Track tapes and players – buy, sell, trade and discuss

8 Track Tapes USA “Buy… Sell… Advertise… Questions… Show Off Your Great Collection… How do I to Fix/repair Posts…”

Altone-Radiant 8 Track Tapes “This Group is geared towards constructing a database of known titles on 8 Track tape sold by Altone/Radiant. “

Bootleg/Pirate/Truck Stop 8-Track Tapes “Celebrating those illegal or barely legal 8 track offerings from the 70s. “

Buy/Sale/Trade 8 Track Tape Collector’s Unite “Post up the one’s you wanna get rid of!! =) “

Cartridge Family (Home Tapes 8 Track Bootleg Club) “for members of the Home Tapes monthly 8-Track “reissue” club. “

Doctor 8 Track “Share your photos and videos for repair needed, and repair instructions to share, rare tapes to restore, hard to service carts.”

Home Recorded 8 Track Tapes “You take old, unwanted 8 track carts and make them into new, handmade editions of music you love. Show us, tell us, share and trade! “

International 8-Track Tape Enthusiasts Unite! “Tired of paying shipping costs from the USA? This group is for you. Buy, sell, supplies, and repair services. Must be a resident of Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, and other such far reaches of the globe. Get to know other 8-track tape enthusiasts in your area.”

Kate’s Track Shack “Place to talk about 8-tracks, 8-track happenings, etc. “

K Tel enthusiasts and archivists “Cataloguing, collecting, and enjoying releases on K Tel Intl. Minnetonka, MN.”

Old School Quadraphonic RM QS SQ CD-4 Q8 and others [All Quad Media Types] “Let’s talk about quad, the old kind. Sure, there’s Dolby and other more modern surround formats, but we’ll focus on the vintage stuff.”

Quadraphonic 8-Track Tapes (QUADS)  “QUADS QUADS Everywhere! Buy, sell, trade, discuss, but this group is only about Quadraphonic 8-Track tapes.”

Ranwood & Reader Digest cart & Vinyl Page  “This page is strictly for Readers Digest & Ranwood carts. You don’t have a place for them to go, bring them here.”

Record Club Only 8-Tracks “This group is for people who collect record club only 8-tracks from the 1980s. “

Truck Driver Songs and Tapes “Truckin’ songs on 8-tracks. Yep, there’s a group”

Ugly Carts “This is a group just for those ole ugly carts that nobody cares for. Dirty, missing labels, torn labels, or just left on a dash of a ‘78 Fairmont or Maverick just little too long. “

Vintage 8 Track Slipcases “All about vintage slipcases. Info on matching them to the correct shell, showcasing them, Buy/Sell/Trade, etc. “

Weltron Fever “Weltron radios and 8 track players. Photos of collections. Tips for care and preservation.”