New 8-Track Tape Releases

This page describes the recent and upcoming 8-track tape releases that we know about. If your company’s release is missing from this page, we want to know about it!

LLG Media released Boris The Sprinkler “End of the Century” in early May but it has already sold out.

Their full catalog is available at

Dead Media Tapes is releasing Steve Rosenbaum’s “Have A Cool Summer!” in June.

They are taking pre-orders at

HOMEtapes released Lisa Bella Donna’s “E.S.P.” on May 6th.

You can buy this tape at

Lavendar Sweep Records, in May, released The Rusty Nutz title called “We tried to make it big but something somewhere went wrong and we can’t work out what that something is” How’s that for a long title? The edition is limited to 25 copies.

Buy it at

5Seven Records last 8-track release was The Cramps’ “Bad Music For Bad People” back in December 2021. It sold out quickly.

Look for new releases from this company at

KTS Productions is expecting to re-release Nancy Sinatra’s “Nancy & Lee” in 8-track format sometime in May. Details will be at

Does your record label have a recent 8-track tape release that is missing from this page? Let us know!!