New 8-Track Tape Releases

This page describes the recent and upcoming 8-track tape releases that we know about. We do not make any referral fees on these tapes. They are presented purely as a public service to the 8-track tape community.

If your company’s release is missing from this page, we want to know about it!

St. Vincent released Daddy’s Home on 8-Track tape format in November, but it is already sold out.  

Look for future releases from this record label here.

Ship to Shore Media released Piper “Summer Breeze” recently, but it sold out quickly.  

Look for more tapes from this record label here.

Mike Flanigan self-released West Texas Blues recently, and there are still copies available.  

You can buy this tape at

Pine Hill Records just released “Elevations” by Don Harriss in a limited 100-tape release.   Gein And The Graverobbers’“Songs In The Key Of Evil” is apparently sold out as is Mother Earth’s Plantasia.  Both of these tapes were released toward the end of last year.  

You can order these tapes through their website here.

LLG Media is taking pre-orders for Beatnik Termites “Pleasant Dreams”, a John Ramone tribute tape, and McCrackins “Too Tough To Die”.   They still have copies available of Ricky Rat “Ghosts Of Isolation” (released in November), The Mercy F*cks (released in September), Vista Blue “Stay Gold”, Ricky Rochelle “So Far So Good”,  Back To Lillington High – A Tribute To The Lillingtons (released in September), Spot Mcrackin “New Tricks”.   Busy beavers!

You can see their full catalog and buy these tape at

Sacred Bones Records just released Blaze Foley “The Dawg Years” on 8-track format.   They still have copies left of two Townes Van Zandt tapes: “For The Sake Of The Song” and “Our Mother The Mountain”. 

You can still buy those tapes here.

Light In The Attic Records (LITA) has copies available of Piper “Summer Breeze”, Karen Dalton “My Own Time”, and two Nancy Sinatra tapes:  “Nancy & Lee” and “Boots”. 

You can order these tapes and possibly find others at .

KTS Productions did the production work for Skeld “Alpine Circaea”, The Maple Run Band “Used To Be The Next Big Thing, and a few other tapes mentioned above on behalf of record labels.

You can find links to purchase these tapes and others at .

Dead Media Tapes released Steve Rosenbaum’s “Have A Cool Summer!” on June 20th, and are taking pre-orders on Vogue Machine – Hard Limited which is a made-to-order tape.

Purchases can be made via

HOMEtapes released Joy Division “Gas Station Disc” recently which is available for purchase in 8-track format. Lisa Bella Donna’s E.S.P has been sold out for months.

Check out there 8-track tape releases at

Lavendar Sweep Records, in May, released The Rusty Nutz title called “We tried to make it big but something somewhere went wrong and we can’t work out what that something is” How’s that for a long title? The edition was limited to 15 copies and is already sold out.

Check out

5Seven Records recently released The Cramps’ “Bad Music For Bad People”, and three tapes by Daniel Johnston: “Hi How Are You”, “1990”, and “YIP Jump Music.” All of these tapes are sold out.

Look for new releases from this company at

Does your record label have a recent 8-track tape release that is missing from this page? Let us know!!