About Our Tapes

Let’s keep it real! We know the disappointment of receiving tapes that were not as advertised. We work hard to make sure that never happens to you!

All of our used tapes are guaranteed working.  And they are guaranteed for a full year! All have been played and serviced with whatever was necessary to make them play well to our ears.  That might include new foil splices, new pads, and occasional other improvements such as re-spooling.

We play each tape through at least one track change to our satisfaction.  We do that twice: once before listing, and again after your purchase. That said, buyers of 45-50 year old 8-track tapes are a small bunch, and we all know that tapes may need to be repaired at any time.   You are welcome to return any tape that fails within a year and we will repair, exchange, or replace it for free.

Visibly, the condition of our tapes ranges from poor to good, with a lot of them showing wrinkly worn labels, with some tears, discoloration and (occasionally) partially-missing labels, and a few pen marks here or there.  If a sleeve is included it will be shown in the photo.  Some sleeves are original to the tape, while some are generic.  Just a few cases have plastic tape on the sides, possibly visible in the photos, which is an indication that a locking tab might have been cracked.   

The image shown with each tape should be considered representative. In many cases it is the exact tape that you will receive, but as we are constantly selling & restocking, and many of our tapes have multiple quantities available, the one image we show is representative of that title. We will endeavor to send you a tape that is in equivalent or better condition than the one pictured. It may be a different color than the picture, so if color is important to you please add a note with your order!

Our primary goal is to retain you as a long-term customer who comes back to our store over and over. Remember, all of our used tapes are guaranteed working for 30 days. If you ever receive a tape that does not meet your expectations, we want to hear about it right away.

Mary & Patrick