Repair Services & Supplies

Information on do-it-yourself 8-track tape repair supplies, servicing your 8-track player, buying a working player, and analog to digital transfers is below.

For 8-track tape supplies, such as new foam pads and splices, we can highly recommend Jon at 8 Track Avenue. You will not be disappointed by the professional quality of his supplies. Jon also fixes tapes inexpensively.

For player repairs, we recommend Barry’s 8 Track Repair. They are the world’s only BBB Accredited shop dedicated to the repair and restoration of radios and 8 track players for classic cars from 1950 to 1980.  He offers FM conversion on analog car radios, with other available features such as Bluetooth, USB reader and HD Radio, and proudly places a full one-year warranty on all work he performs.

Barry’s 8-Track Repair Workshop

For buying working refurbished players, we have two recommendations. The first is Lee Hunter Jr, who frequents Facebook circles. The second is an elusive fellow on Ebay who sells excellent quality players. Contact us for information on how to hook up with either of these people.

We also hear that Kate’s Track Shack does good repair work, and their professionally refurbished players have an excellent reputation.

For analog to digital transfers, like 8-track tape to CD, Audio Restorations is the place to go. You can click the banner below to get to Mark’s website with all of their contact information.

There are a lot of Facebook groups dedicated to 8-Track tapes, and you can get a lot of questions answered about do-it-yourself repairs in these groups. A full list of Facebook groups dedicated to 8-track tape hobbyists is here.